A Perfect Human Life

Alabama, US of A, July 26, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Perfect Human Life.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Consider the life of Jesus before His baptism. If he had left the planet on that day, would He still be remembered today? Would He be in the pages of your history? Most likely He would not, because up to that point He was just a simple carpenter of Galilee, a man among many.

“However, His life up to that moment was exemplary – perfect. He had helped a great number of mortals to start considering higher spiritual truths. He had taken care of His family as a most loving father. He had experienced a life truly human and had triumphed over the flesh, harmonizing His will with the will of His Father, to a level so high that He was ready to be fused with His Thought Adjuster. It was a life like no other ever manifested on this world. A life completely successful. A complete victory of the spiritual nature of a human being over the inferior animal nature.

“The second part of His life – after His baptism – was not necessary to fulfill the requisite of a human experience. Everything He needed to do He had achieved already. However, He chose as He always did to satisfy the desires of His Father and give even more of Himself to His children in this universe, now being fully conscious of His divinity. This highlights the contrast of a successful life from the spiritual point of view – the life of Jesus – and what many at this time consider to be a great life from the human point of view.

“Do not let notoriety and the adulation of the masses confuse you and make you worship false idols. In the life of the Master you have the clearest example of how to live your lives and where you should focus the best of your efforts and your intellect. Stop chasing the goals of the world and take some time to look within and discover the goals of eternity – the blueprint of a truly great life to the eyes of God that is guarded by His Divine Presence within you – your Thought Adjuster. Discover the true treasures that were placed inside your being and live lives of dedication and inspiration expressing the best of your personality and your highest desires and aspirations.”

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