I Understand You Better than Any Human Can.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 320

9th June, 2004

Dear one, you will be guided in days of trouble. Be assured of this, and be calm and at peace. My Center within steadies you always, and it is your responsibility to remember this to be so.

Remember that ours is a co-creative partnership. I Am in the business of building our spiritual counterpart, while you give Me the tools to build this with by your overcoming of negative tendencies, and by day-to-day self-mastery of negative habits and forceful behaviors.

The more often you allow Me to lead you deeper into yourself, the more imperfections you will discover, and you will need to overcome them and leave them behind. It is a rebuilding from the inside out, to replace the material with the spiritual and expand on this.

You wonder how this can be so? Simply follow through on My prompts, and learn your lessons from day to day as they unfold. Nothing is ever static in God’s universe. New insights and greater understanding will come your way as soon as you show a readiness therefor.

All you have to do is to live in a greater God-conscious awareness. See! It is not all that difficult, although it will take some time on your part to realize that I Am involved in whatever you are about, from the first thought and intent to the culmination of any act.

I Am your most intimate Associate, and I know all about you, but do not let this frighten you, because I also understand you better then any human can, even when you think that you are totally bereft of assistance and need to carry your burden alone.

Such is absolutely not the case. Please let this sink into the deepest part of your being. We have talked about this before, but you are human, prone to forget about Who really is in charge of the affairs of the universe, contrary to what it appears to be like in the material world.

God rules forever in the hearts of people everywhere, but He has also given them the freedom and the responsibility to remind themselves of this.

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