Ponder These Words.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 290

10th May, 2004

Dear one, together let us muse about mind; the origin and the meaning of mind, and the significance of being of sound mind, so you can appreciate this great Gift which the Creator has bestowed upon you.

The mind in general has been patterned after the perfect minds of beings living on perfect worlds surrounding Paradise. These worlds total one billion, and in a formation of seven concentric rings they will throughout eternity “march” in an orderly fashion around Paradise.

This is the Central Universe of Perfection, after which the evolving seven super universes are being patterned. Your tiny insignificant but highly honored orb is evolving in the seventh segment of this master universe, which in turn will serve as the pattern for future aggregations that are as yet unformed in the outer space regions.

I tell you all this, as I need you to get a perspective of the enormity of the Love of the Universal Creator, Who fashions in His Thoughts and through the Words of the Eternal Son and the Acts of the Infinite Spirit.

The Trinity collaborated in the eternal past, together with well-nigh diverse and innumerable orders of High Spirit Beings, which are the Hosts of Heaven, who all have their own areas of expertise.

All mind is created and bestowed by the Infinite Spirit, the Eternal Son added the Pull of Spirit as a compass for evolutionary creatures to return to Paradise after a long and eventful learning experience to become perfect themselves, while the Infinite Creator is the Bestower of personality.

You have been given free will choice as to how you shall conduct your own life experience, and how to use your God-given mind. The mind is the most precious commodity, because it decides the development and growth of the soul and the speed thereof.

With right thinking, in honesty and sincerity, self-discipline and the choice of right and positive actions, one chooses the direction in which the mind shall grow. Therefore, become ever mindful of how, why, and what you think. This is needful for your own soul development.

Ponder these words.

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