As Effective As Its Weakest Link.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 255

5th April, 2004

Dear one, open your heart to receive the greatest blessing of them all—the surety of the resurrection into eternal life. I know that we have spoken about this before, but it is this sure recognition on your part, and your acceptance of this greatest of facts, other than birth itself, which spurs you on to a greater, growing faith and trust in Me.

Allow Me to guide you even better into the Will and Ways of God. Nothing is ever static in God’s creation, for it either grows and expands, or it decays. It is a necessity in bringing forth the fruits of the spirit in greater measure, for this is how the soul grows.

Never be weary of doing what is good. Become a little less selfish each day, and project loving and healing thoughts toward all others.

Let old resentments and grief about past mistakes slip from your mind and memory, so these old, useless ‘grooves’ can fill in, and you can lay new ‘tracks of love and forgiveness’ over those spaces.

In so living, being and working, you affect your own being-ness in the most beneficial way. A healing is being effected from the inside out, and your cellular level, which carries the building-blocks of life, will move into a greater effectiveness as the strands of the DNA and RNA begin to heal and mesh together in greater cooperation.

Everything in creation depends on cooperation and teamwork. Everything is only as effective as the weakest link in its chain. Is this not a miracle, to be cooperating with the Creator of all things, and to help fulfill your own divine blueprint?

As you become more aware of how it is that you create your own life and well-being by your own choices and decisions, you will become more as one with Me in the Silence.

I will never steer you the wrong way.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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