Ponder These Words.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 182

24th January, 2004

Dear one, each time you willingly come to Me in the Silence of your heart, you take another step in faith, and into the great unknown.

Your faith in Me, your Mystery Monitor, is being built stone by tiny stone. And when the hard times of testing come, your soul-building shall be firmly rooted in Me. You will then calmly stand by when everything falls apart around you, and you will say, “All is well.”

You know by now that material things will fall apart, or fade away. Civilizations have come and gone, and yet the world turns. The world has now, finally after eons of evolution, become ready for a new and a fresh start of spirituality springing up in the hearts of humankind.

The liberating gospel, which your beloved Master Jesus, Ruler of this Universe, brought over 2000 years ago, shall be told anew, and in the way it was intended to be told. His superb Teachings shall be rediscovered, re-examined, and not found wanting.

A new generation of far-seeing men and women is being raised to proclaim anew the Unconditional Love the Eternal Creator, Whose domain is endless, stretches into infinity, and of which your mighty Universe is just a small part.

Each planet is evolving towards a great and unrevealed destiny of Light and Life. The speed at which this shall come about will depend on its inhabitants. Are they self-seeking, or are they answering the call of the Spirit, which the Creator has placed in each and every normal-minded thinker?

It is by free-will choice and decisions that the eternal quest has begun on the evolving planets of space. Ponder these words.

And trust the process.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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