They Bring Themselves Along.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 205

February 16, 2004.

Dear one, the ways of the Father are hidden from you just yet, but you shall be taught step by tiny step to arrive at a greater understanding of His ways. It is in the peace and calm of the human heart where these insights arise, never in the hustle and bustle of your days.

Taking time to calm and steady your frayed nerves is only to be had by coming to Me in the Stillness, after you have calmed your mind in meditation. The riches and healing to be discovered here are something that all the material wealth in the world can never buy.

Humans are looking everywhere, and they go places to find solitude, and to find that ‘something’ they yearn for, never realizing that they are only running away from themselves. And yet, they ‘bring themselves along’ wherever they go, and still end up dissatisfied and hungry, so they start feeding their material bodies in the hope that this longing will go away.

If only they would sit still for long enough to search and find that calm center within their selves, where I am waiting as the invisible Onlooker and Object of their search!

When a soul finally connects up with Me, a silent Joy is born, and an hitherto unknown calm begins to pervade that soul, which starts to grow because of the love and nourishment it has found.

Each thinking mortal has this urge and need to make this God-connection within, for this is the great Gift and purpose of life, which the Creator has endowed His mortal children with, so they can become immortal and perfect like He is.

The big question is; when will humanity wake up and know that the life-saving Gospel—that a Fragment of this self-same Eternal Spirit-God—lives within their own hearts? And when they do realize this, will they then set about with diligence and determination to keep that priceless connection open and active?

Setting some time apart to go within and listen to that Still Small Voice is the only cost.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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