We Shall Become Victorious.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 269

22nd December, 2004

Dear one, let us discuss the training for a greater spiritual life, which is lived in the inner world, but with its repercussions in the outside visible world through loving service towards others.

To train for the spiritual life means to make the material life subservient thereto. It means a closer walk with thy God within you—that Still Small Voice that often remains hidden in the background and is so seldom heard in the busyness of mortal life.

It is I Who Am leading you, most often unbeknownst to you, into the better way of life. Together we can function as one, when you allow yourself the luxury of listening to Me by taking the time to turn within, and listen to My voice with a greater, conscious attentiveness.

I can then continue My training of you in the unseen, give you fresh new insights, and imbue you with a greater love for service towards your fellows.

It has been said that the watchword in the universe is teamwork and that we can all function as one. This, My beloved, is what you need to contemplate the meaning of—to be on the team of the Creator God, and to have been given a personal Trainer?

I reiterate that it is by your consent that you willingly start this training into the spiritual life, and the more sincere effort you show by turning up regularly at your training sessions, the greater progress you will make.

Which is to turn within, anytime during your day or night to receive further instructions for your daily life, which will not become a life of ease, but rather a life lived with a greater and deeper meaning, leading to greater fulfillment.

Truly, the more committed you are, the easier it will become to hear My voice, as there will be instant recognition and a gladness in the knowing that I struggle with you in all things.

We shall become victorious as One in this mortal life, in a race well run, and in greater loving service towards the Creator than you would have ever believed to be possible.

© The 11:11 Angels

Toujours au Service de Michael.

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