I Am Your Friend.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 190

August 23, 2004

Dear one, be and live in Joy. It is really not necessary to be worrying all the time. Actually, worrying gets you nowhere. It is the glad and joyful heart that more easily connects up with Me, because it has become more peaceful in growing faith-trust. This is the ideal we together strive and work towards.

Because the elimination of inner stress and anxiety will immediately effect all the body-cells, which can then unfurl and set themselves to the task of replicating in the manner they were programmed to, giving you a healthier body-temple to work in.

When the body can do its own healing work unhindered, it frees up the mind for more important work, which is to grow a little closer to the spirit-self each day.

Life is not meant to be just a journey of the flesh and its pleasure-seeking ways. No, life is meant to be lived, to discover the Living Spirit of Eternal God within, and to develop inner ears of listening to His Guidance.

How can you learn when everything is cluttered up with pain, worries, frets, disappointments, not to mention anger, resentments, and all other spirit poisons?

Strive each day to make time to come into the Stillness and listen to My Still Small Voice within, as I am in each normal thinking mortal. But bear in mind that you are in kindergarten here on this planet, and a more excellent education is awaiting you in the next stage of existence.

I am your Friend, so be My friend and spent time with Me. It will be the best time you will ever spend in your busy life.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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