I Beseech You To Turn Within.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 208

6th October, 2004

Dear one, the Will of God is the way of love. It is in learning to turn away the little mortal self with all its ‘material-flesh’ desires, so the higher spiritual self can take over and grow.

It is the subduing of the selfish animal instincts, the urges of self-preservation, and instant self-gratification that leads to mastery over self. It is in the daily fight of overcoming the baser instincts such as unbridled giving in to wants rather than needs, which is especially typical of the western part of the world.

It persists in the un-brotherly treatment toward humanity, in intolerance, impatience and rudeness. When will mankind wake up to the simple golden rule: Do unto others, as you would like to be treated?

It may not yet have entered many a mind, but the truth and fact is that the Creator in no respecter of persons, and looks upon His entire creation of mortals with unconditional love, and as being equal in entering the Kingdom of Heaven through faith and trust. Never mind their race, creed or color.

The sad fact is that among so-called civilized man so many barbaric traits and superstitions still exist in the dealings with their human brothers and sisters. How can you ever project love and peace out into space, toward all your other brothers and sisters on all the other worlds of the Creator’s making, when you cannot live in peace among each other?

Surely, you must realize by now that the bickering in your little sandbox, as well as the unfair dealings with your kin, need to give way to a greater maturity, so you start behaving like maturing sons and daughters of God.

I beseech you to turn within, where My spirit resides, and allow Me to teach and guide you.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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