Dr. Mendoza On A House Call.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Just recently Dr. Mendoza remarked: “Carry on, and let it be known that there are myriad transient healers available now to not only deal with your diseases and mental disorders, but also for the ‘genetic restructuring’ of the not-yet-born, for there is brought to us by our volunteers great knowledge, quite incomprehensible to your human minds - incomprehensible, astounding - promising a glorious new age for those mortal generations yet to come.”

It is not the task of Dr. Mendoza and his “transient” colleagues to go around and check up to see if we are all healthy. It is up to us to call the doctor and to truly believe that he, or his co-workers, will turn up to do the best they can. The above transmit snippet is the doctor saying, “We have all these incredible minds here, and you guys aren’t waking up to this being a new age, when we are allowed to perform miracles, no less!”

The doctor does not have time for lengthy transmissions. He “lobs in” when he has something to say dealing with physical or mental health, gets to the point, and disappears in a flash; off to the next house call. Set out below is the response from an 11:11 listee who took Dr. Mendoza word literally, and after some weeks of putting up with lots of pain from serious soft tissue damage.

The 11:11 Listee writes: Perhaps Dr Mendoza himself paid me a visit last night while I slept. I have been very heavily medicated lately, and unable to meditate as usual. I fall asleep without proper ‘contact’. Last night though, I recall trying to get a word in to our beloved Celestials, ‘Please speed up the healing process if you can.’ The last thing I remember was a dark haired gentleman with a mustache, with a long white lab coat. He was impatient, and quite insistent, telling me to “Go to sleep and be quiet, so I can get to work!” This morning, I feel much more flexible, and in less pain than I have for weeks!

George: Yes, that’s our “let’s-get-this-over-and-done-with” Doctor Mendoza - practical and to the point. A really charming bed-site manner is a waste of time, but it does happen on occasions.

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