Banned from my Akashic Workshop!


[When they arrive in your Akashic Workshop, Midwayers appear to turn up in a flash, at least, most times they do. In reality, they are already there for a few seconds, and what they do in that short space of time is put their hands together in front of their chests and bow their heads slightly, meaning something like, "It is my heartfelt wish that your Spirit and Soul shall become one." As humans we don't see that very often, because we might well get "big-headed" about Celestials, even the Planetary Prince greeting mere mortals in such a way. However, the reverence is reserved for the Thought Adjuster, that Fragment of the Creator of All that has the final say in all matters. That was also the case in the event set out in the submission below. There is a lesson in this.]

(From an A.C. Participant.)

It was the strangest thing, and I could only think of my having been banned from my workshop and Akashic Clinic. Ever since my last experience, I’ve been falling asleep, no matter at what time or where I tried it. It was becoming very frustrating. I had quite a few healing requests, and I was sleeping on the job!

“Coincidently”, I was seeing the number 7 a lot; 7, and 77, even 777, and especially when I was driving, usually two and three times in a row! I took it to mean, “The Angels applaud you. You are on the right path.” And I was thinking, oh, isn’t that nice! But I think my Celestial friends were really becoming frustrated with me, so I finally got some direct input. I saw another 77, and it finally dawned on me that I hadn’t finished reading Paper 77—The Midway Creatures” in the Urantia Book, as I promised them I would.

So guess what I did today? I finished Paper 77, and then went on to Paper 114. So now I am ready to start “The Life of Jesus” Papers. I fulfilled my promise, and the Akashic Construct “doors” are open again. I went there this afternoon without any problem at all. These Midwayer guys are tricky!

I do have a lot of reading to do. I think my friends are telling me to leave time for Learning as well as Healing. Yes, I am trainable.

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