Down the Bat Chute.


(An Akashic Construct Participant Reports.)

I was ready to call it a day and shut down my computer, but just then a prayer request came in for a young boy. I felt moved to say a prayer for him right then and there in my desk chair. As I was praying, I felt warmth, and a strong sense of love surrounding me, along with the desire to go to my Akashic Library.

It was very late and I was afraid I would fall asleep, and that the moment would then be lost if I took the time to formally go into my AC. So instead, I stayed where I was, and prayed to Father that he would give me speedy entry into my AC Library. Instantly, I saw my workroom. The elevator was already on the way up with its precious cargo. A young child greeted me. He was in so much pain! My heart grieved for him! I picked him up and held him close for a few minutes. Then we walked over to my desk chair and I settled him on my lap. The little one laid his head on my shoulder as I rumbled through my desk looking for the ice bag I knew was there.

I placed the bag on his throbbing head and wrapped a towel around it to keep it in place. I knew he needed to sit still for a time, so I reached back into my ‘bottomless’ desk and pulled out a book about Christ Michael. He sat very still, eyes and ears riveted to what he heard and saw. I began to read from the book the story set out below.

When I finished reading after quite some time, I gave him a hug and told him how much God loved him as his special child! I unwrapped the towel from his head and looked at his tiny face. He was beaming. The pain was gone! I gathered him in my arms and walked over to the waiting elevator. I gave him the book to take home with him, to keep in his heart, and I asked him to never forget Christ Michael and his love for him. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As I waved goodbye, I knew I would never forget my precious little brother.

So now I’m wondering if it is okay in an emergency to get into your AC Library fast, “down the bat chute”, so to speak. It sure felt like I was there, but I didn't do any of the grounding or preliminary visuals. I prayed I was able to help!

George answers: Trust the process. You can even consider the Akashic Construct to be something that is habit-forming in the sense that it is a really good habit. Likewise, you can look at what you call the “Bat Chute” and consider it to be habit-forming, also, but it’s not a good habit.

My teacher, Professor Ted Willis, who long ago taught me to “walk up a misty mountain” - something vaguely related to the Akashic Construct - used to say, “Those fast psychics are a pest.” Then he would look at me, not my co-student, Louise. I was fast, got faster still, and then I did myself out of business entirely, missing much along the way. It took a long time for me to start all over again.

Normally, it is best to take your time, not rush it, as you usually learn much along the way. Rare ‘bat chute” exceptions probably wouldn’t hurt.

The Story as Told.

“This is the story of a little baby that was born to Mary and Joseph a very long time ago. The huge Universe knew Him as Michael but His earth parents named Him Joshua Ben Joseph, or Jesus. Jesus was a very special child. Before He came to be a baby on this planet, He had been the loving, powerful Creator Son of an entire Universe! At first, baby Jesus did not remember His glorious past, but He was always surrounded by beings of light to love and guard Him. As Jesus grew, He came to know His heavenly Father very well, and He always did His Father’s Will by being kind and obedient with everyone He met.

“He never failed to ask the Father’s help in all matters big or small. When Jesus became a grown man, He began traveling around the land telling all the people that they are much-loved children of God. As children of God they should love and care for each other as brothers and sisters because that is exactly what they were. Family! What a wonderful message! Many people came to hear Jesus’ life changing words, and to believe that they, too, could change the world with Love.

“All too soon Jesus had to return to His life as the Ruler of Nebadon, but He left His Spirit behind, to help all who seek for truth and the Father. His Spirit is still here to guide us when we are lonely or confused, tired and sad. Jesus’ Love, the Father's Love, lives in each one of us. Sometimes it shows itself as a smile, a pat on the back, a helping hand, or a flower from a friend. We are all brothers and sisters, no matter where we live, how we speak, or the color of our skin. We are all priceless in the eyes of God.”

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