“Self Healing” in the Akashic Construct.


(Submitted by an AC Participant.)

I went into the Akashic Construct intending to speak with my spirit guide, and I asked him to meet me in the library. I was happy to see him arrive on the elevator. I recognized him, since we met once before during a meditation in the Healing Circle I attend. He appears to be a monk, with a very round jolly face. I was told later in Stillness, that his name is Pascal.

I told him I had some questions to ask, and that I also needed healing for my aches and pains, brought about by too much snow shoveling. He smiled, and gestured toward a side door, which I opened. We walked out of the library into a beautiful garden, and sat at a round table with colorful tiles on top. The sun was shining. There was a blue sky, birds, butterflies. It was just beautiful, peaceful.

I told him about my concerns, and he addressed each with thoughtful wisdom. When it was done, he smiled, and put his hand on mine, saying “Good things are worth waiting for.” At this time, another being, whom I presumed to be a midwayer with short dark hair, and wearing tunic-type clothing, walked over, stood in back of me, and placed his hands on my shoulders for healing.

He was there only a short time, before it was time to go. When I “woke up”, the aches and pains were gone completely! I kept moving my arms and neck around, trying to feel some soreness, but the pain was all gone!

I didn't think it would, or could, happen that fast, but I was very grateful!

I enjoyed this experience so much, that I went back into the AC to continue the self-healing session the next day. Pascal met me again, and we walked to the garden, where we continued our chat. I had more concerns and questions. He reminded me that I never opened a golden, jeweled box he gave me when I was in meditation during Healing Circle. I chuckled about it being so ornate. It was a small gold box, with colored stones resembling jewels that decorate the lid.

I opened it there in front of him. It contained cards with all of my good qualities printed on them, and I read each aloud. He said those were my “jewels.” That was a beautiful gift!

He reminded me of the goodness within me, which I often cloud with negative feelings of being unworthy. Yes, I am worthy of love and happiness, and it is ok to pursue them, and accept them. A lesson learned. I am ready now to continue healing in the AC. I needed time to heal myself, before I could continue healing others.

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