That “Other” Dimension.


(Submitted by an Akashic Construct Participant.)

Today I entered my Akashic Library, relaxed, cheerful, and ready to do whatever God asked me to do. It felt as if I was aglow from the effects of the AC shower and its invigorating light! I prayed that I would have a patient, and that God would be with me.

As my elevator began to rise, I saw three young black children ranging in ages from about 3 to 10 years. The youngest child, a girl, was clinging desperately to the hand of her older sister, who had protectively put her arms around her siblings. She looked thin and drawn and by the way she had gathered her crew about her, I knew she loved them very much! The middle child was a boy, who was trying so hard to be brave and courageous. Only his eyes revealed the fear inside. Momentarily, I felt confused about what could possibly be wrong with all three of them. As I looked into their tear stained faces, I knew the pain was emotional not physical.

I walked over to them and welcomed them, and I asked if they would like to join me on my white fluffy rug. We sat cross-legged in a loose circle on the floor. I explained to them that this was my workroom, and that God used me to help people who are injured or sick. Before I could finish, the little one began to cry. It all came tumbling out. They had recently lost their parents in a tragic accident and they felt completely lost, alone, and afraid. The pain was almost more than they could bear.

As they finished speaking, the long rays of the sun filtered through the glass enclosure. I asked them to come and stand in the light. We joined hands, still in our circle and closed our eyes. The warm rays filled our bodies inside and out with a holy warmth of God’s Love.

I asked that the Love of God would seep into their hearts and loosen the grip of fear and pain. I explained to the children that no matter what happens in their lives, no matter where they go, God will always be with them, and all they need to do is to turn their faces to the light, and feel his comfort and peace, saying, “I know you fear that you will never see your parents again. You will! They are safe and happy in a place filled with this same light, and some day you will be able to join them. We all will!”

We stood there for a moment, absorbing His love, feeling it soothe and energize us.

The little girl asked if she could play on the stage. The stage was covered with all the brilliant colors of the rainbow as she danced and twirled, and thoroughly entertained us all. It was beautiful to see the children smile and laugh again! After a bit of play, we all walked over to my desk where I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and poured everyone a glass of milk. We enjoyed our meal and our time together.

Before long it was time for the children to leave. I gave them each a chocolate heart with the words “You are God’s Love” stamped on each one. They were smiling as they entered the elevator, and waved at me as they were whisked from my sight. The room felt a little empty for a moment as it always does after children have been there.

I sat down in my chair to ponder all that had happened. Life can be very difficult at times. Tragedy and hardships can strike often without a moment’s notice. If we can only remember to turn our faces toward Father’s Light, and allow Him to surround us with his Love, we can weather any storm that life throws at us.

Thank you Father for your precious Love!

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