When Hitting A Brick Wall.


(Submitted by GB to answer an Akashic Construct Participant.)

There are varied reasons why some take to the Akashic Construct like ducks to water, some struggle for a time, and others even decide that some benefit is all they want, and the AC disc can now go and collect some dust. Fortunately, the latter are in the minority - George.

A Participant writes: Dear Chief ABC-22,

Thank you for once again for explaining so much about Universe Reflectivity. I was wondering about the smells, in fact, very interesting. I’m thinking that the transmission could take ANY form, or any amount of time - a split second or a few minutes, and only the appropriate information given for that moment.

Hmmm, we humans will have to be ever more vigilant to ‘catch’ these little transmits, or releases of information. I just wish we could remember more of the stuff we get while we sleep, but then life is so hectic, it is probably best for the information to be “soul-felt”, not always “mind-realized”.

Well this is me, transmitting my deepest affection to you in the only way I know how - by email! :o)

George answers on behalf of the Chief: There is no harm in remembering your dreams - all or any of them. As a regular user of the Akashic Construct you can set aside the Deep Alpha section, forget about the counting when you know you have reached the DEEP Alpha state and use the remaining time to repeat a number of times, “I will remember my dreams. I will remember my dreams.”

Over the years, I “enlarged” on that idea by regularly stating, “I will remember my dreams, and know their meaning upon awakening.”

When you are pressed for time, such a shortcut is recommended. It is also vital to keep the message brief, to write it out first of all, and delete or correct anything that might even suggest to contain a negative suggestion.

Hope this helps, the best way I know to get the message across - via cyberspace!

God bless…


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