Universe Reflectivity.


An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

On Wednesday of this week, I awoke in a black sad state of mind. As I walked down the hall in abject gloom, I marveled where such a state comes from. The previous weeks I had been happy, and upbeat, as is my normal state of mind. Oh yes, there have been many periods of sadness and depression in my life, but always with an apparent reason.

I understand fully that our thoughts are a choice. And I immediately went mentally to work on myself, but to no avail. No amount of mind over matter could remove the gloom. I had a very busy day ahead of me and I knew I would have to just bite the bullet, and do what needed to be done.

Mid afternoon found me in a classroom situation, where I had to exercise great control to keep from copiously weeping in front of my peers. What on earth was wrong with me? These feelings seemed insane.

Early evening found me in a grave struggle against “drowning my sorrows” with some good slugs of alcohol and heading off to bed. I resisted, for long ago I learned that hiding in alcohol is no solution.

The following morning I awoke, cheerful and happy, my normal waking state. I have never experienced such a complete reversal of mood in my entire lifetime.

Shortly after arising, my cousin called me, and she informed me of the passing of one of my dearest Aunts. My Aunt awoke the day before in pain and nausea and was admitted to the hospital, where she struggled through the day to live, but passed away the evening of the same day. In retrospect, was I depressed or incredibly sad? We do tend to bunch all our unhappy moods into the word “depressed”.

Shortly thereafter I got George’s transmission from Chief Bzutu titled "Universe Reflectivity". Bzutu speaks of “these feelings that are soul felt, of myriad emotions from other places.” My Aunt lived 3000 miles away, yet my soul knew of this loved one’s final struggle.

I loved Bzutu’s words stating that our Thought Adjusters store and release ALL manner of information as to “leave you guessing wherefrom it arrived”. Did my Aunt’s Thought Adjuster speak the information to my TA?

Obviously Bzutu gave this message for us to evaluate what comes our way, and the entire message bears reading more than once. We who believe in collective consciousness understand full well that Universe Reflectivity is a great truth. May I ask this question in the light of Bzutu’s message? How do Tsunamis and the like chaotic happenings in our Universe effect our moods, if the passing of one little lady so adversely affected my day? These are just some thoughts to ponder, dear Brothers and Sisters as the messages from the Celestials are supposed to put our upstairs gray matter into operation.

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