Why Call It The Akashic Construct?


George Barnard writes:

It was Midwayer Chief, Gorman, who commented on the name “Akashic Construct” by jesting and asking the question, “It sounds like a Concrete Structure, George. Do I wear a hard hat in there?” There isn’t much that “goes by” Chief Gorman. He has a great sense of humor. But of course, The AC is something that is so “constructed” as to allow us to avail ourselves of “Akashic details” of past, present, and future.

Totally Universal.

For anyone who might think that the Akashic Construct is unique, be assured that it is not. There are many guided meditation methods that are similar to the AC, although many are designed to promote aspects of personal progress that have little to do with spirituality, or improved contact with Celestial Beings. Many of these systems are designed to increase self-confidence, or acquire great wealth.

This is not so much the case on other worlds. Indeed, according to our Celestial Teachers “something akin to the Akashic Construct” is used all over the universes, in some form or other.

We, on this planet, are not the only ones who may well fail to sufficiently quiet our minds to reach that degree of Stillness required to hear our Midwayer Friends, our Teachers, and, ultimately, our Thought Adjusters. The AC, and other guided meditation systems give us the familiar environment in which we can be with our Celestial Teachers, therefore be with our God, also, in prayer, in communication, and in healing exercises.

Set out below is one such system used by an Akashic Construct participant.

I Was Amazed!

She writes: I received the Akashic Construct CD yesterday, and I listened to it. Do you know that I have been meditating for one year almost, and in a similar way to AC method? I was amazed!

I first go to the beach and I visualize myself meditating there as I open up my chakras as the energy comes through my crown. My chakras are hibiscus flowers that open and close. The red light opens the first chakra (flower), the orange light opens the second. Yellow opens the third, green the fourth, light blue the fifth, indigo the sixth, and violet opens the seventh.

I visualize them opening with the color energy, then I individually close them with the same color.

Then I head off to the mountains, where there is a pond and a waterfall. I go for a swim, and then I go into the waterfall to wash my body. When I’m finished washing myself, I go to the cave where I have two friends waiting for me. They are an old Indian Shaman, and an old Chinese medicine woman. They both help me in healing and in guiding me. I’m with them for a while, then I go to my operating room where I invite the person I need to heal.

The only different thing about the library and my operating room is that I have a few more things in there, like and extra room, in which I put my patients to rest up, and receive more energy from the universe after I have treated them. The room has a pyramid shape, the top part of which is open. In this room I fill red balloons with the negative energy of body, spirit and emotions, and I let the balloons escape through the opening in the roof.

That’s it.

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