Making Best Use Of Deep Alpha.


George Barnard writes:

There are now some 120 Akashic Construct participants in these early days of our putting the revised year 2000 AC on sound disc. There will be many more participants, but already we are recording and posting the first of your transmissions and healing experiences. It looks better than promising. We lit the flame that will become a raging fire, no doubt.

Solving Some Problems.

Some of you are still struggling, however, but clearly able to discern where the problem you are encountering might lie. These varied difficulties generally belong to a certain amount of self-healing having to first of all take place, and the best opportunity for this is by positive suggestion during the second session—Deep Alpha.

Deep Alpha is designed to train you to go as low as 7 or 8 cycles per second, in order for you to function in a more stable fashion at between 10 or 12 cycles per second in the Akashic Workshop. Being able to drift deeper than you need to be when at work causes you to function more accurately at a slightly higher level.


Deep Alpha requires but moments of backward counting, and then it’s time to listen to instructions, but the instructions could also be your own. For instance, you might repeat in your mind, “I will remain relaxed yet alert whilst in my Akashic Workshop.”

Such a suggestion repeated many times will have its rewarding effect.

I have long used self-suggestions to sleep more soundly at night, to remember my dreams, and to know their meanings upon awakening.

Keep It Simple And Positive.

It’s important to determine just what it is you want to achieve, best to write it down and check it out with care, so that no negative term is included. Keeping it simple, specific, and positive is most important.

Hope this helps.

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