-- away from direct sunlight


An akashic Construct Participant writes:

Hi George. I've listened to your cd about four or five times now and I like it. But I was wondering. I know direct sunlight is not the best thing for a person but there's something that struck me about your statement in the cd. Could you tell me a little more on why you say to stay out of direct sun light? Is there anything to it more than don't meditate in the sun.

George answers:

Aha! Both sunlight and disturbances speed up the metabolism, especially for beginners. After all this time I take no more notice of either, and I meditate in a park, on a beach, and (in the past) I even let myself drift into Alpha on a scuba dive.

It's "really knowing" that deep feeling of tranquility that will allow you to "reproduce" it in the future. The AC helps you get started with the audible and visual. These days I get some 15 or 20 bits of info that do not originate in my mind, but that are clearly recognized as "coming from outside" -- from a known or unknown Teacher.

Alpha has become a habit for me, and for most of the day.

I guess it is my interaction with dozens of people each day that make Celestial input so helpful, at times, quite necessary, I guess.

God bless...

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