Akashic Construct Pre-knowledge.


(From the Desk of George Barnard).

From an Akashic Construct Participant came the information set out below. To introduce the subject—According to my Celestial Teachers, and a number of texts, it is indicative that an Individual’s Father Fragment does acquire an advance, overall view of the life of His or Her human charge. Therefore, it must also be known that there will be episodes in that person’s life when a crossroads will be reached, an important decision must be made, and when the individual might well steer into the wrong direction. The Creator’s Gift is capable of re-playing these scenes of the future. However, this advice coming from the Father Fragment may not necessarily arrive precisely when needed. It can be input in advance—years in advance—and be held in mind as a significant dream or déjà vu.

The AC Participant’s Report.

I was reading the instructions belonging to the Akashic Construct when I came upon the part about the peaceful scene in nature. About seven years ago I was shown a place in a vivid dream. There was a log cabin on the side of a hill, and the cabin was filled with books.

As I walked further down that hill, I came to a stone-made wall. Beyond that wall was a beautiful castle/temple-like structure. It was set in a beautiful forest as far as the eye could see. I sensed that it was where the Creator Father lived.

Could it be that I built my Akashic Construct years ago, because somehow my higher self knew what was coming to me?

I also have a bear that helps me cross the river, which is situated behind some trees to the side of the log cabin. I think my Akashic Library has already been built and is waiting for me. There were so many books in that log cabin!

A Similar Story.

I was 10 or 11 years old when I had a dream just like it, and saw an easy-to-make structure. Some weeks later, I found a tiny grassy ‘meadow’ on the top of a sandy hill. Almost impenetrable, very tall bramble bushes surrounded that hill, and that small grassy field was so well hidden, it could only be seen from the air. There I built a spacious underground room, where in total darkness and quiet I could contemplate the seemingly unstable dimension that is time, and all my visions of future events. — George.

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