The Akashic Construct and Rainbow Colors.


An akashic Construct Participant writes:

While doing the Akashic Construct Meditation track I always have trouble ‘becoming’ a floating leaf or feather. Having no idea what it is like to be a feather or a leaf, I could only view one of those objects as a thing separate from myself. So the other day I gave up trying to be those things and just let go.

George: If you are “stronger” in the left (logical) hemisphere, it can be difficult. It’s generally tougher for males than it is for females – tougher for the “accountant type” than for the “artistic” one.

I had an amazing experience. The thing most natural for me was to see myself, arms outstretched to my side, floating through the color spectrum. I was able to put my consciousness into myself and actually be there. I was not looking at myself, but seeing the colors through my own eyes. However, that was not the amazing experience.

That is an almost complete switch from predominant left hemisphere to the right. That is what both the “rainbow” and the “Rosebush” are meant to do—a complete switch of hemispheres, so you don’t enter the AC Library using only the left.

As I float through the colors from red to violet, I inhale deeply and inhale each color separately as they occur and I actually become those colors. For instance, When you say that I am floating through red, it is all around me, and I should feel and taste red, I actually managed to breath red into myself and become fully red, and then on to the next color, so that I fully become each color. That still isn’t the amazing experience, which I will try to explain as best I can next.

Here you’ve gone one step better than being the leak or the feather.

About four-fifths through the colors (purple), something happened. I experienced within myself a funnel of wind blowing and the funnel of wind was full of multi-colored fish: like leaves being lifted up by an eddy. This only lasted for a few moments but it was amazing, as if a turbine had been started within myself.

The right hemisphere does not look for logic. The left does. And as you have all your concentration with the right hemisphere, the “creative/illogical” can be experienced. See it now this way: When you meet up with your Celestial Teachers, the things you see and hear must be both acceptable by the right hemisphere, and make sense to the left hemisphere. Being capable of “throwing” your concentration from one to the other, trains you at finding that creative/logical balance in everyday life—especially during meditation in the AC.

Now, as I go about my day, I try to take a deep breath (when I remember), and fill myself and become a color. It really was amazing and I hope I’ve made it clear.

Very clear! The end result we are inevitably aiming for is for us to be relaxed and balanced to be able to hear our Teachers, later our Thought Adjusters during everyday life. That is not walking a long, narrow bush track towards far-off spirituality, but being on a fast superhighway towards an eternal end goal.

God bless…


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