Ears Ringing.


An akashic Construct Participant writes:

Can you tell me if a right ear ringing means the same as a left?

I had a right ear ringing yesterday and that was a first.

George: It varies with me, too, but it is not as often the right, as it is the left ear. I’ve put it down to the kind of input I’m getting—“concepts (left) or pictures (right)”.

The left ear is right below one of the speech centers, and it may likely deal with conceptual input, words and sentences. The right hemisphere deals with visualization, creativity, scenes, stills and movies.

That may be the reason. You might have been shown a picture, subliminally, and the data will later be clear to you, but this is mostly still theory.

Maybe it just means I need to have my ears checked!

Perhaps. I keep coming back to the high incidence of dyslexia amongst receivers. It is (apparently) tied to clusters of short-axon neurons in the right hemisphere, mimicking the speech centers of the left hemisphere.

And whilst I am not dyslexic in the everyday sense, I’m geographically dyslexic in the sense that I get lost really easily, and make a lousy navigator.

I used to get lost on my own farm, and it wasn’t that big! :o)

I’d say it was Celestial input, not ear problems, because I hear about it so often.

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