HOLEY DOOLEY! I met a stunned Mullet!


To All,

I just went to the local shop to get a journal, wearing my good-looking 11:11 T-shirt.

On the way back from the newsagent, there was this young couple coming my way. The pretty lass just stood there and pointed at me, frozen! A Midwayer was holding her there.

I said, "What's up, Kiddo?" And she said, I like your shirt!" I said, "Would you like the URL?" She said, "What's a URL?" And the guy said, "You work with computers!" Hah!

I gave her my card with www.1111angels.com on it, and just before I went around the corner, I looked back, and that big-eyed chick was still standing there, hah!

Oh, a mullet is a fish, and when it's stunned, its eyes are all glazed over.

Midwayers make my day! Again! There was another one last week when I wore my 11:11 shirt. Now I've got to put that shirt in the wash again, and I've only got one! I need two or three, or more of them.

God bless those opportunist Midwayer "rascals"... :o)

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