I don't want to work with a Smurf!


An Akashic Construct participant writes:

Here's my first experience with the AC. Once I got to my workshop/healing room, I pushed the button for the "lift" (elevator) to come up. On my right was a male with very bronze skin, jet black hair, pulled back in ponytail, his eyes were almond shaped and very dark, he wore a medallion from his neck, had a leather arm band with some sort of designs on it, and what I remember to be something like a loincloth, but not quite.

He raised his hand and said I am XXX (name erased), oh, and he was very tall. On the left, was a smaller male, but he was BLUE! I looked at him and said I don't want to work with a Smurf! I know it was quite rude of me, but I was just so surprised that it blew my circuits!

The session ended because of my inability to adjust, I suppose. I later remembered that he was supposed to be a Midwayer, so perhaps the color was not so strange after all. Whenever I send my thoughts out to him, I now call him XXX (name erased)...to be a bit less disrespectful. : )

George: Midwayer Simone is quite blue, so I might suggest I've been working with "Smurfette" for all those years :o). "Imported" Midwayer, Mathew is blue, as well. The Midwayers were divided up in a series of colors, as were the original people.

I have some (human) friends in Australia that hail from the hills above the Punjab. They, and their kiddies, are decidedly a brown-ish olivy green. There are still some orange people around, just a few families, and back in the Netherlands there was a little girl that had a blue-ish skin -- a throwback of some kind, I guess, but 'healthy, smart and cheerful' enough.

Your blue Midwayer friend won't be offended. They are too wise and experienced to 'sulk'.

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