Will I have a patient?


Akashic Construct Experience.

It has been a while since I have been in my Akashic Library. A little bit of the old nervousness returned. Questions like, “Would I have a patient?” “Will I know what to do if I did?” These thoughts entered my mind, and in an instant they were gone as I remembered that Father is always with me, and he is the one who facilitates the healing, not me. I am happy to be his small, insignificant instrument.

I watched with growing excitement as the elevator rose to the surface. A young woman possibly in her mid to upper twenties, short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and a bright sunny smile peered out from the confines. She readily took my hand as I welcomed her to my Akashic workroom, and I explained that I see patients here who wish to experience the healing power of Father’s love. I was puzzled because she showed no signs of illness unlike most of my visitors.

I asked her lie down on my medical table while I did a quick scan that would enable me to understand her problem. I ran my hands, palms outstretched, several inches above her body from head to toe. Yes, looks can be deceiving! She had an advanced tumor in her breast. I looked down at her face and was amazed at her calm and peaceful demeanor. Faith and joy were etched in every feature. I knew she had already placed this problem in the hands of God a long time ago.

“You have breast cancer.” I said out loud. “Yes, I know,” she answered. “It is pretty advanced. The Doctors wish to remove it and the breast tissue as well.” We joined hands and I asked her to pray with me before we began. “Dear Father, Thank you for your great love and healing energy that we feel circulating in and around us. We have faith that in your will, all things are possible.”

I poured some liquid medicine into a small glass and asked her to drink it before she laid down on the table. I arranged the pointed end of the metallic light instrument so that the beam of living light was directly over the tumor. There was no incision but somehow I could see the tumor shrinking and shriveling until there was nothing left but healthy tissue. No dead or scar tissue occupied the site of the tumor’s demise. It was as if the tumor never existed! A beaming young woman sat up. She could already feel the difference in her body.

She asked, “May I see your monkey?” I certainly wasn’t expecting these to be the first words from her mouth. (She had spied my workshop monkey, Peanuts, on his ledge at the back of the workshop.)

“Sure,” I said, not completely tongue tied. She walked over and Peanuts readily jumped on her shoulder. As she fed him a banana, she explained that she had worked at a zoo before her illness and she missed it terribly. She adored animals and from Peanuts response I assumed animals loved her, too.

Without warning it was time for her to go. My mind ‘raced’ for an appropriate gift to give her, but my mind was blank. She laughed at my apology. You have already given me the best gift of all, your love and friendship! With that she was gone as the elevator sped away. A simple prayer of gratitude formed on my lips as I thought about this unique and precious sister. I, too, have been blessed by our meeting.

Note: I am still puzzled by her appearance of good health upon her arrival in my workshop. All of my patients have looked ill, or drained. I speculate that her amazing faith and confidence in God’s will contributed to her radiance.

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