Goodbye Babe.


An Akashic Construct participant writes:

I entered my Akashic Library today with a particular patient in mind. I knew somehow that he would be there and he was. I had asked to see John. There was his frail shrunken form as the elevator made its way to the surface. He smiled at me, the smile I remembered of so many times when he walked into the place of my employ. I greeted him with a warm hug and asked him if he would like to sit down. He chose a bench by the spring. He looked out over the peaceful water and asked if it contained any fish. “A few when it runs cold,” I explained. “Sometimes it becomes a hot spring.”

He got up to investigate a little closer. “What’s pumping the water he asked?” “God,” I replied. “Everything here is God powered.” He leaned back on the bench and looked searchingly into my eyes. Finally he said, “I’m not doing too well," young lady. I took his hand in mine and told him that I had heard, and that I had been praying for him. “He told me that he was tired but was afraid to leave his wife. There was so much to do at the house and she needed him. He didn’t want her to be alone. I told him that she would not be alone. She had her family and friends, myself included, who would all help her, and make sure she was safe and happy.

He then proceeded to explain that he was afraid to die. He didn’t want to be separated from the people he loved. He didn’t want to be alone. I asked him if he would like to see the next world? We walked over to the huge glass window. The rainforest scene disappeared into the mist and was replaced by a vast starry sky. An immense world occupied the center of the view surrounded by seven smaller worlds “These are the Mansion worlds,” I explained. “They are wonderful places full of light and peace. You will never forget the joy of awakening in the halls of the Mansion World. Many of the people you know and love will be there and all the trials and heartaches of living on the material world will be behind you as you begin your long journey to Paradise in a new body, a Morontia body.”

Our time was getting short so we began the walk back to the elevator. I gave him a hug and memorized every feature of his face.

“Goodbye John,” I managed to choke out. “Good bye babe.” He turned. Then he was gone. Tears began to flow down my face. I knew his earthly time was short. Soon he would begin his grand adventure and someday we would meet again. But I am sure going to miss those "hello" and "Goodbye babe" greetings until then. He’s a dear, wonderful man, and I will cherish the memories.

Note: I don’t know why I was not directed to some procedure that would heal John. It was my intention to bring him into my Library to try to heal him. I always follow my intuition that is augmented by my unseen Midwayer directors. The directions never came. I must conclude that it wasn’t God’s will for the physical healing to take place. I pray that on another level an emotional healing did occur, however.

George: Do ask in those instances. I always do, even argue occasionally if it is a little one that is about to depart. Most likely you’ll hear, “It isn’t meant to be.” Not a very explicit answer, but at least you know you did not fail at the task. You were guided, and it was a healing of a kind.

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