A Fleeting Moment Of Separation.


An Akashic Construct participant writes:

I sat down in the warm sand of my special place. I could feel the grainy texture and smell the salt water. As I contemplated my reason for entering my workshop I knew I wanted to see a patient. I asked Father for one in particular, an elderly woman who came into my thoughts through a chance meeting this week.

It is always exhilarating each time I step into my large workroom. Everything is as it should be, just as I remember. I waited with great anticipation as the elevator rose. There she is! She had come! I felt like doing a little dance. I recognized my Teacher standing behind her. He grinned and waved at me then he was gone.

When the elevator finally rose to meet up with the level of the floor, I rushed over and gave her a big welcoming hug. “Hi Sweetie”, she said. “Wow, what is this place?”

“This is my Akashic Workroom,” I said. “People come here to be healed by Father’s love.”

We walked over to the sofa and I asked her to lie down as I gave her a pillow for her head. I took her frail hands in mine and we prayed for Father’s love to fill both of us with peace and faith, confident that all things God willed would happen. I touched her poor leg. It was swollen and painful from deteriorated joints and pulled ligaments—so painful she could barely walk even with a cane. I felt the loving energy of Father flow into her injury. As it circulated through the leg, I felt the healing energy withdraw through my arm. Then it was gone.

I smiled at her but could see that her deepest pain was still there. I could see its shadow in her smile and behind her eyes. The pain of loss, that was so deep that she was withdrawing from all she loved, her church, her friends, and even her family. Her husband of 40 years, Jack, had recently died of pancreatic cancer. They had never been apart, and now, getting out and going places was just too painful. It was just a reminder of her great loss.

I poured her a comforting cup of tea and it all came tumbling out. She began to talk about Jack. As our teacups became empty, her heart became filled with hope and joy. Jack’s death was but a fleeting moment of separation. Eternity stretched before them both and there would be a joyous meeting in the next world.

We walked slowly back to the elevator. I truly hated to say goodbye. I felt blessed to be in this dear woman’s company. I held her hand tightly and told her that I loved her before the elevator whisked her away. At that exact moment George’s voice came back.

The world and my special place seemed brighter than ever. Sunbeams spread their light over the beautiful landscape. I am so happy to be able serve Father in this way. I can’t imagine any other work being more joyful and fulfilling. Thank you Father for your blessings this day!

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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