Discussion with Personal Teacher—Retreat to a Safer Level of Functioning.


Ohio, US of A, April 9, 2005.

Teacher Aaron.

Elaine: “Aaron is that you?”

Aaron: “Yes, it is I, little one.”

Elaine: “I am so glad you’re here! I have been having trouble in stillness this week, getting settled and staying focused.”

Aaron: “You will have days like that as you evolve toward a more settled spiritual life. Your brain and mind are readjusting to priorities, and to new and sometimes unsettling information. Your mind has been used to the “norm” that is expected by the average human who has evolved on this small planet. The information you are beginning to process and will be processing is more advanced, and sometimes your mind unconsciously tries to retreat to a safer level of functioning.

“Do not worry. You are in no danger of being abandoned. We will give you at least your full 60 days (trial period)! [There is laughter].

Elaine: “I’ll need more time than that!”

Aaron: “You’ve got it, dear child! You go ahead and take all the time you need. I will be with you along the way.”

Elaine: “George suggested I ask you this question. It is about my spiritual name. Can you tell me my spiritual name, or is it too early?”

Aaron: “I think that is a question that we will reserve for later. You do have a spiritual name, but you are not yet ready to receive it. I think that dwelling on this right now will distract you from the business at hand.”

Elaine: “Aaron, I haven’t been in the Akashic Workshop for a little while. I miss it, and I want to heal, but my last visit was a little . . . not so much unsettling, as uninspiring. I know that I was very distracted.”

Aaron: “It’s like your old western saying; if you fall off a horse, the best thing to do is to get right back on. Trust and faith go hand in hand. Trust Father to show you the way. And have faith that you will respond, and that your experiences in the Akashic Workshop are real.

“You feel much better, more relaxed, focused and centered. That’s go-o-od! That’s fi-i-i-ne! Yes, we joke about that as well!

“Father’s love surrounds you, and lifts you, whether you are aware of it or not. Be joyful, little one, and enjoy your family and this beautiful day!”

Elaine: “Thank you for being here for me, Aaron. I am so pleased that you are my Teacher. I feel so loved and blessed.”

Aaron: “Feelings of deep love are focused on your small world this spring morning. Get more (regular) sleep! Shalom.”

Note: I’ve noticed that the weekly lessons seem a little more formal than the “pop-in” visits during the week. It is probably due to my nervousness. I worry, even though I shouldn’t, about getting the important Melchizedek lessons right.

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