Fixing a Gunshot Wound.


March 14, 2005. An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

The scent of tropical flowers hung heavy in the air of my special place. It was so soothing to sit and swing back and forth, back and forth. Why am I here? What are my reasons for going into the Akashic Construct? Tears filled my eyes as I thought of my many years of pleas to God to please give me something to do. I wanted to help more than anything!

I walked up the hill, down the steps and into the foyer, I felt the warm water calming and cleansing, as all my fears and worries disappeared down the drain. It felt so comforting that I didn’t want to leave. I flipped on my light and felt the loving energy strengthen and encourage me.

As I entered my Akashic Workroom, a brief glimpse of a scene flashed through my head. I saw an older gentleman wearing a bright red ball cap suddenly fall to the ground. Then the image was gone. I had no idea what it could mean, so I quickly dismissed it as having been a figment of my overactive imagination. I was so wrong!

When my elevator rose to the surface I was amazed to see the same man standing right before me! His face was pinched with pain and with good reason! The right side of his shirt was covered in blood. I was shocked, but quickly reminded myself not to be afraid. I know that I am not alone.

I asked him to lie down on the medical table while I removed his bloody shirt to get a better look at his wound. It was ugly, a gunshot wound. This man was a victim of a drive-by shooting. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I placed a towel over his chest while I gathered the supplies needed for this healing. Upon my return, I stroked his trembling hand and asked him to please be at peace. Together we asked God to surround us with His love. I closed my eyes for a moment and could feel Father’s Love rise up inside of me, and I felt a deep love and concern for this man. He was the only caretaker of an invalid wife. I could feel his deep concern for her well-being.

I looked at the wound. It was horrific. There was a small wound on his chest where the bullet had entered, but upon examining his back, I realized there was a terrible price to pay in tissue damage where the bullet left his body. It was time to go to work. I set about cutting away at the charred tissue around the hole. Then I inserted thin metal tongs into the wound to remove bits of debris that could easily cause an infection if left unattended. I sprayed the wound with a cool antiseptic spray and proceeded to sprinkle a brilliant golden powder into the wound. To my amazement, little bits of light flashed and a glow filled his chest. The wound just disappeared! I ran my hand over his smooth chest, not a mark or scar remained!

I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out a clean white shirt, which fitted him perfectly. It never ceases to amaze me how I am always given exactly what I need for each individual situation. It was now time to say goodbye. His eyes twinkled and his smile warmed my heart as we hugged our goodbyes. A moment later he was gone.

I was left with an overwhelming feeling of sheer Joy! I thanked Father for answering my prayer so beautifully. It is truly an honor and a blessing to be able to serve in this way.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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