Animals In The Akashic Construct.


A Participant writes:

It is curious about the animals in these places. My place has a waterfall and a pond. Tall, soft grass, Calla Lilies and trees, birds (1 toucan and 2 peacocks - they just showed up) but no matter what I do when I’m there, no matter how I try to redesign this place, there is a wonderful Giraffe and a little monkey who sits on his back and holds the Giraffe around the neck most of the time. They are charming and very interested in me, but I often wonder what the heck they are doing there. They are always present and always seem to have the same energy. I now don’t know how I would feel if they weren’t there.

George answers:

There was a time, more than 15 years ago, when I didn’t use the Akashic Construct for almost a year, but another method instead. When after all that time I went back into the AC, I found a large, flowering pot plant in there, plus a watering can. I wondered what on earth they were doing there, and then I remembered: I dragged them in there, almost a year prior! That is what is meant by “a point of reference”.

When you see that bunch of animals, and “they have the same energy”, you have made your point of reference.

Likewise, when I water that pot plant, and sweep some sand from the floor (my AC does not have a very good roof – haha!), I’m making my point of reference – re-creating the feelings and the mind/brain metabolism that will allow me to once again function well.

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