Recommended Changes.


An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

I look forward to receiving your mail every day. I noticed that mail is coming in from an other account (List Op), so I sensed that you all in the 11:11 Progress Group have been very busy with this new posting system.

George:No kidding. It had to happen. It needed to be streamlined.

P:Reading the many contributions from the participants of the Akashic Construct brings me joy, but also sadness. For a long time already, both my wife and I have practiced the first two levels late at night, and I must say, I still find it very difficult to visualize the rosebush, or even the place from where I go to the Akashic Construct, but it is improving somewhat.

George:OK. There are some obvious changes to be made here. We’re not at all concerned about a lack of ability to visualize. That will come. The Midwayers will assist you. However, practicing the AC late at night is a bit of a trap in that you may be tired, and fall asleep easily. Switching to practicing in the morning overcomes that problem, and also, placing yourself on a kitchen chair or sofa would stop you from falling asleep.

By now you should be able to do segment one and two by heart, not use the CD for it any more, and once you feel that you are relaxed enough, stop counting, and switch to segment three, the Akashic Construct. In fact, forget about the counting altogether. Just concentrate on what I was saying that you heard so many times.

P:Sometimes I’ve gone to sleep, mostly after the counting in the second level, and if your voice wakes me up at the end, I cannot remember anything.

George:Yes, the second segment is designed to take you a little deeper than you are meant to function in the Akashic Workshop, but being able to go deeper also helps you be (and remain) more stable at a slightly higher level. IOW. If you can take yourself down to say, 7 or 8 cycles per second, you do less drifting up and down around 9 cycles per second.

P:Was I asleep or in a deep Alpha state?

You fell right through it into Theta, and then even further down into Delta. That’s the beginning of a proper sleep cycle—a “dive” right down to Delta, or even less than 2 cycles per second.

P:Anyhow the practice makes me sleep easier and better.

George:I bet it does! It always does make you sleep well, but that’s hardly all we are looking for with the AC.

P:That's why I am a little bit sad because my greatest wish is to sit at one table with my greatest friend: Christ Michael and philosophize about belief, and his teachings, and how I can become a better ambassador of his unconditional love, or make contact with one of the Celestials, like The Scribe, Thuroc the Entertainer, Chief Bzutu, The Beloved One who teach us that persistence will bring any job to completion.

George:Go for the recommended changes above, I suggest. You are already on the record for having channeled vital information, just like I did for many years. All you need do is get the AC program right. Stick with it, and disregard your concern about the visual aspects, because you have had subliminal contact for years AND acted on it.

God bless…

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