The Sphere.


An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

This experience was interesting, but also somewhat confusing.

I decided that I would like to meet up with a Celestial. As the elevator begun to rise, the first thing I saw was a small golden, and luminous sphere, which was levitating right above the head of an enchantingly beautiful young woman. In her hands she was holding another sphere that looked like it was made out of crystal.

When the elevator reached the surface, she left the sphere on my table, but instead of it touching the table, it was levitating above it. Then, she smiled and she hugged me. I welcomed her and we sat near the table and began our conversation. I told her that she was a beautiful person, and she thanked me for my comment, and then she started talking to me about love. She talked to me about how important it is to love yourself, and all others, and she told me that I should base everything I do in my life on love.

She continued by telling me that I have many feelings inside of me that need to be released, and that I should learn to forgive more, because forgiveness is a part of love. Her having said that, I thanked her and then I asked her about her appearance, and why it was she looked almost exactly like a human of my world. She replied that she comes from a planet similar to Urantia, which made me think that she might be an ex-mortal. I also asked her what the function of the crystal sphere was. She said that it was not a crystal sphere, but a glass one. As proof of what she was saying, she held the sphere in front of her face and it enlarged her face, but she left it to me to discover its use.

Then, without my asking, she told me her name, and she claimed to be my personal Teacher. After that, she hugged me again. We said goodbye and she left.

Notes: It is common for one to have a Midwayer, even two, three, or four Midwayers as personal Teachers for some years, and there are 150,000 Midwayers from other planets that have arrived, or are in line to be educated in Urantia ways before arriving here. If this Teacher were in fact a former human, she would have needed the use of rather well organized (extensive) Universe Reflectivity to be audible, to be clearly seen by you, to communicate directly with you, and to actually hug you—quite a feat, but not impossible. My guess is that she is an “imported” Midwayer, but I don’t actually know this. It’s a fairly safe presumption, IMO, but GREAT GOING, and time will tell… George.

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