An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

I was getting wrapped up in exploring the happenings immediately after our passing into the next realm, and reading that one may land on something like a celestial version of an airport concourse. Immediately, I saw myself wondering around this place, soon noticing a little girl that wouldn’t budge from the entrance.

I went to speak to this little girl and chatted away for a while, eventually finding out, that she was waiting for her parents to come through. At this point I was neither in meditation — nor in complete stillness. I was actually walking around in my home, just going on about my day, but I did feel the immediate gravity of this situation. I placed myself on my bed, and at a comfortably fast rate lowered my brain/mind metabolism.

I relaxed and got into my workshop. It is still a bit bare, because I have not yet invested much energy into personalizing it to the extent I would like it to be.

The little girl, now known as Jenny, aged three and a half, was wondering around asking questions. I explained to her my workshop and its purpose. She seemed comfortable enough for me to ask her what had happened to her.

[I don't remember much here.] It seemed she died in an accident, and her heart was given to another child, a boy. She instinctively climbed onto my operating table, and I placed my light machine over her, and began to beam a golden light over her, especially focusing it on her heart. Then I gave her a special kind of powder and poured some of it over her heart and soon after she was fine and glowing again.

Walking around my desk area, she found my newly formed crystal circle; clusters of quartz with a large terminator which I can hold onto. She grabbed it and it brought up an image of her grieving parents. I found this to be heartbreaking, and I tried as best I could to retain my composure.

Eventually we prayed together, and I prayed with all the feelings in me to alleviate her parent's grief. Soon after the couple embraced and it was time for the girl to go. She left in the elevator in the arms of a cloaked individual whom I couldn't make out too well. I was advised that I had done enough, and I surfaced.

What a trip this was! I was speechless for the better part of 10 minutes, and then I went back to work with a newfound enthusiasm. I could not help feeling inexperienced in this, and I have been working on strengthening my faith and resolve.

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