On The Right Track.


An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

I’m writing to tell you about my last (second) experience in my Akashic Library. I do stillness each day, although I find it difficult to completely clear my mind. I guess it’s all a matter of practice. I’ve also set aside a convenient day and time for contact, like you advised me.

So I entered my Akashic Library this morning and I requested an encounter. A woman came that looked like the woman I had seen the first time, but I’m not altogether sure if she was the same one. She had short, curly, orange-golden hair, light colored eyebrows and eyes. She was beautiful.

I welcomed her, and she stretched her arms out and held me by both hands. We sat and I asked her if she was my Teacher. However, I’m not sure what her answer was. I asked her name and she told me. I do have that exactly right, I’m sure, although it is a very complicated name. She told me to be careful and calm, and I asked her if she was coming from another planet, or if she belonged here on earth. I think she answered that she belongs here, close to me. I also asked about my brother, who died some years ago, and she said that he is alright, and he’s learning things about us (his family). Then she stood and she left.

Every time I leave my Akashic library I can’t help but think that everything I saw was just my imagination. I hope I’ll manage to relax and stop having doubts. Do you think practice will help me overcome my doubts? I wonder if Celestials can help me with this one, or if it’s just something that I must “fight” by myself.

Notes: You’re on the right track. Great for just a second session, and the clarity of information that you get very much depends on the friendship that develops between you and this “Spirit Guide” – most likely a Midwayer. And, no, there is no “fight” to be had, just relaxation. You will get much, much better at it. George.

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