Mind Over Matter.


Tamara Chelsey’s Car.

For a time during 1973 and 1974, I used to assist a young woman called Tamara Chelsey, who ran a motivation school of a kind that was oriented towards “clearing people’s minds” and bringing out their latent psychic talents. She provided most of the participants, but some were selected patients and ex-patients of mine. The motivation seminar would rightly be seen as “a heavy deal” for some hard nuts to be cracked—something I would not now contemplate. There are easier ways, like the Akashic Construct.

Among the participants there were always a few past students, using the weekend-long seminar as a refresher course. They would sometimes assist with the procedures, and not be charged for partaking. Young Jeremy Corbett, a student of medicine, would always be there, and inevitably badger Tamara about wanting to buy her old bomb of a car when she could finally afford to get for herself the classy little vehicle she always wanted.

Time and again I heard Tamara say, “Oh, Jeremy! You do not want my car! It’s sheer mind over matter that keeps it going! If my Spirit Guides ever leave me, it will just fall apart from sheer exhaustion.” Tamara knew the Urantia Midwayers. She was a healer, and then some. Surprisingly, she believed the 1,111 to be engineers, as well.

Finally the day came when Tamara announced her new vehicle would be ready that weekend. Her husband would drive it to the venue late on the Sunday night to pick her up, and Jeremy had finally convinced her to sell him that old vehicle.

That evening, just a little after 9 PM, Jeremy lost the tail shaft of Tamara car. As he came to a stop, the near front wheel buckled and broke off from its last two studs, and as he stepped out, the driver’s side door fell off its hinges. The whole mess was towed away for scrap.

Just a little over a mile from our venue, smack on one of the fast lanes of the busiest bridge in town, Tamara’s old car had died a sudden death, and the “prophetess,” Tamara Chelsey, had once more proved the accuracy of that long-standing prediction—one of very many.

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