Can you check for me?


Donna writes:

Hi George: Can you check with Dr. Mendoza or one of the other midwayers? Seems like I have either a serious spider bite or some other kind of condition. My R ankle suddenly became very painful and swelled up Weds. night. I iced it right away to help the swelling go down; Thursday the pain and swelling wasn't too bad so I was walking on my foot, but by Friday AM I was in so much pain due to the swelling that I could hardly get out of bed and that is where I've stayed for three days!

I've checked within and I get that this is a spider bite, but I also consulted with an MD over the phone who thought it might be an attack of cellulitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis or something else. I don't have medical insurance but tomorrow I think I need to seek medical attention. I've asked Michael and Mother to heal me and I feel some energy pulls at times, but it does not seem to be improving. I've also asked for Midwayer help, but I can't seem to get a handle on it.

Could you check with them and ask for them to repair this? I'm really concerned about this and need a lot of upstairs help. Thanks a bunch!

With much love,

George suggests: We need to ask for the Life Carrier, Orion, to take out what is causing the circulation bottleneck I'm looking at. Please bring Donna into your AC.

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