Dashing off to the Safety of the Akashic Construct.


An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – June 3, 2007.

This was not an everyday surgery room I had ‘landed’ in, but a cold and sterile-looking operating room used for major surgery. I felt nervous. I wanted out of there. The nurse was prepping me, and soon copious amounts of antibiotics would be released through a line via a vein in my arm right into the Vena Cava near my heart. This procedure would be a daily one for the next four weeks. Sigh!

The doctor and his technicians wearing masks bothered me, and like I had done in the dentist’s office, and also during some painful Tuina healing massages, I once again tried to escape to the safety of my Akashic Construct.

Likely through persistent illness I haven’t done well with the AC of late, banging on the doors to get in, or falling asleep in seconds. This time the need was great, and I might just escape to my pleasant scene in nature without having the CD with me, just imagining George’s voice.

I landed in my pleasant scene in nature, and was met by a very good looking, younger man, with dark hair, who smiled and hugged me, then held my hand, and walked with me over the rise, to the stairs. This was a complete surprise to me, and I wondered if I put him there myself. I had never yet met another human form there, only animals like rabbits, fawns, ducks, dogs, and an occasional elephant. I also kept trying to change the young man’s hair color to gray, thinking this guy’s nice looking, but he’s too young for me, but it kept changing back to its youthful dark color.

When we reached the stairs, he let go of my hand, and said he would be waiting for me when I came back. I didn’t expect a patient for healing, or to meet with a Celestial. I just thought I would browse around, do some redecorating, or just rest in my chair until that horrible medical procedure was done, and it was safe to come out of my workshop.

As I walked into the room, I saw a sweet young girl with long blond curly hair, thin face, and big blue eyes, wearing an old fashioned blue and white gown, and light blue shoes. She quickly walked over to me, almost skipping, with a smile on her face. She took both of my hands into hers, started swinging my arms, and said, very joyously, ‘I know you’re frightened, but you’re going to be fine!’ Then she said, ‘I know how much you like the garden. Let’s go there. I have a surprise for you!’

She led me through a door I hadn’t noticed before, and down a few stairs into a beautiful sitting room, with a stained glass door. I never knew this room existed in my Akashic Construct! We went through the door, which led to the garden. The table where my guide and I usually sit to chat was to the left. We walked a few steps into the garden, and I was led to a small table set up on the path. My curly haired friend smiled, and looked up at me, as if waiting for me to notice something. I looked at the table, and I smiled too. There was a tray of chocolates there! She said ‘I know how much you love chocolate. These are for you. Eat as many as you wish!’

Just as I was reaching for the first chocolate, I heard a far away voice asking, ‘How are you doing?’ I was being called back. Reluctantly, I said a quick goodbye, and ‘jumped back’ onto the table in the operating room, bypassing even the Akashic Construct stairs. I was somewhat upset over my hasty retreat, because I never got to sample those chocolates, and I wanted to spend more time talking to the young girl, and solve the mystery of who the young man was in my nature scene.

I mumbled an ‘I’m fine’ to the doctor, though I was a bit troubled about having to leave the Construct so abruptly, without tasting one chocolate! I was surprised to learn the procedure was over. The peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line was in. It felt as if I hadn’t even been there!

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