There When Needed.


Meditation is a great pastime, but it is only a means to an end. The same applies to Stillness Practice, and the use of the visualization technique, the Akashic Construct. But even an acquired expertise in hearing your Midwayer friends, and through them your Celestial Teachers, is not your end goal. The objective of these exercises is to learn to hear, and to follow the leadings of, your Thought Adjuster. Set out below is one such occasion when Thought Adjuster input produced a ‘happening’.

Christopher English, a line editor, and I were seated at an outdoor table of a seaside restaurant. We were discussing my work when a woman joined us for a coffee. Christopher introduced us.

Seemingly, the woman had something urgent to tell. “I’ve become rather claustrophobic, and only just recently,” she commented.

Obviously, she seemed to know about my writing, and she knew me to be a therapist.

“On a recent flight to the town of Adelaide,” she went on, “I became so panic stricken, I would have gladly jumped out of that airplane, and without a parachute, had I been able to get out.”

Instantly my mind ‘slipped into a neutral gear’, but perhaps it resided there permanently without my even knowing. “How old are you?” he asked her.

“Forty-three,” she answered.

“You’ve had your claustrophobia problem for the last eight years,” I told her, “and you know very well it deals with childhood interference.”

She and Christopher English exchanged some knowing glances. It surely had been a well-planned set-up by those two.

The information I presented to her had seemingly come out of the blue, but it was there when needed. The words had come from my mouth, but a great many details, and a clear vision of a young girl being interfered with, never ‘visited my brain and mind’ until well after I had spoken.

There were two obvious reasons for her to get her answer just right. She needed urgent therapy. Christopher needed to understand that my writing was not some form of fiction, but documentation of real events.

In late 1998, the woman became my patient, and for the next few months she traveled a few hundred miles for each weekly session, turning out ‘bright and shiny’ in the end. There is no telling if Christopher English got the editing work done any faster than he originally intended to finish it. Thought Adjusters only make suggestions. Human free will does often override even these serene Fragments of the ‘long-suffering’ Creator of All.

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