The Akashic Construct with Improved Confidence.


An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – May 9, 2007.

While I was going through the last of a website I’ve been visiting, I got a 4:33 prompt, and in my heart I knew those 33’s, regardless of whatever number is in front of it, is a prompt for me from Midwayer Mathew.

I stopped what I was doing, did some breathing exercises to steady myself. I had no difficulties going to my quiet place, up and over the rise and down the steps. I didn’t have to think about it. I just went through my energy doorway, waved the lights on, and down the stairs, not even counting the steps. My clothes changed in color! I was wearing a long green dress when I went down, and after my shower it was white.

There was even better visualization with the light pouring through me and entering my every cell. I went to the Akashic Construct room, and it was just like I had seen it before, where the book cases were, the map, clock, the desk, so I sat down for a time, then I realized the elevator was working and someone was coming up in it.

I had been questioning whether I could truly be a conduit for healing, and I think I was asking if this was so. The very next moment I’m in the healing room, someone is already on the table, and I’m told this person has a toothache!

A toothache?!?! I’m thinking, ‘I don’t believe this! I’m healing a toothache!’

Suddenly I remembered the toothache I had about a month ago, and I thought, ‘Yes, perhaps I can help this person.’ Then there was just this sudden feeling that it was already done. I don’t remember the person leaving, or whether my patient was male or female, just that I was given this healing task.

Next up to my surprise, my sister arrived in my Akashic workshop, and we started talking. (I now wish I had recorded it right away, as I’ve forgotten what the discussion was about). Then I just had this feeling that it was over, too. My sister disappeared, and I went out, lowering the lights as I went. Surprisingly, my dress had turned green again!

I took my time leaving the Akashic Construct -- through the foyer, up the steps, counting them this time and dimming lights as I went. As I got to the top and out into the woods the visualization was really strong, so I quickly went down to my quiet place, as I really felt this was ending, and I didn’t just want to ‘pop out of it,’ although I had actually been aware for some time of my being on my couch. I brought myself into a greater physical awareness by, in my mind, repeating George’s words that bring you back to the surface.

Suddenly the experience was over, and I thanked Midwayer Mathew for prompting me, and I just sat in wonder for awhile, still thinking that it could have been my imagination after all.

By 10 PM that evening I spoke with my sister, and finally, I clearly remembered speaking with her in the Akashic Construct. And when I asked if anyone there had a toothache, it was my niece who had a really bad tooth. Once more at 11:33 I was prompted, and I thanked Mathew once again for it all, and the improved confidence the session has now brought me.

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