I Longed To Know What A Mother’s Love Really Felt Like.


An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – January 19, 2008.

Today, after cleaning the house, I had an urge to do the Akashic Construct, which I had neglected for some time, so I needed the CD to get back into it.

I did the first part for relaxing purposes, as I’ve forgotten how to willfully get into the Alpha state. My rose was bright white and the stem was light, bright green without any thorns, but the leaves didn’t look as healthy as the bud; they were quite small too. The earth, however, was rich and red but the roots didn’t go far down. All the other rose bushes were huge and vibrant, a bit like the roses on the farm. One was a bit sad looking: a yellow bush not far from mine. I did the third part of the CD a while later.

My intention was to meet a Celestial -- any One. I just wanted some advice about the future. I spent a bit too long in the shower, washing the fear and doubts away, (doubts about my capabilities, I mean), but finally, I was ready and I went into my Construct wearing loose PJ’s, and with my hair still a bit damp. Everything was exactly the same as it was when I was last there, and I liked that! It was just like George said it would be.

Throughout the counting and waiting for the elevator to rise, I was mildly aware of the doors of my garden standing open (there is a labyrinth in my garden, but I seldom went there in the past, just the once to heal two children.)

The elevator doors opened and ... imagine my utter disapointment when they revealed no-one inside! Nothing ... not a soul! I stood there looking and was about to return to my comfy chair for a snooze, when I noticed the open doorway to the garden again and went outside. The garden was in full bloom; the sky was all different colors, and the smell was heavenly. I noticed some herbs and felt the urge to eat some. Truth herb, I thought, as I ate a bunch. They tasted like parsley, rosemary and something else ... sweet it was. Then I felt a Presence so strong I had to sit down. It was a female Presence, and so strong, too. This Presence was all around me, and suddenly I felt my hands being held, and that was it!

It was like nothing I’ve felt before on Earth, but at the same time familiar. It was a Mother’s Presence, and I think it might have been Nebadonia. She was telling me something, but I was in such a state, I couldn’t hear, only feel!

Each time I think of it now, I burst into tears again!

I earlier wrote how I longed to know what a mother’s love really felt like, and without warning, that’s what I got. But it was more of a reminder. Before I left (rather reluctantly), She said, "My child..." I felt so loved! I’ve had celestial hugs before, but this was wholly different. She loves us all so much!

I wasn’t entirely open for all the Love that surrounded me; it was too intense, too much for this poor soul, but it was enough.

I still feel it now. I had a visit from Christ Michael a few years ago, and it was just as moving, however, this experience has left a mark for sure ... a very positive one, mind you!

I’d like to thank you guys for all you do, and have done.

HUGE hug!

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