An Akashic Construct Participant wrote:

I wanted to tell you that I’ve been having interesting things happen. I seem to be opening up a bit doing the AC, but I don’t know whom the healers are that come in. They are different ones every time, and I usually don’t know the patients either.

I did get a lot of tsunami survivors, I think, that needed help with their hearts due to loss. I also tried to work on my daughter and my mother-in-law. That was interesting.

I find after I do this, that the healing I’ve done on others like heart, head or solar plexus areas—which I don’t determine—its just the energy that goes there. Anyway I feel it in my body after and it often stays with me for a while. I was so surprised! Is this normal?

George wrote back:

Your message is not altogether clear to me in the sense that I don’t grasp whether you feel energy depleted, or energy filled.

Please explain, because it may well be useful for what are now more than 100 newbie AC Participants worldwide.

What you are doing is somewhat akin to distance Reiki, and it should leave you feeling good. Generally it is wise to enter the AC in a prayerful mood, and then the energy you need is provided. Thus you are a channel, and your Creator Fragment approves of the work.

If you feel depleted, you have used your energy without having it replenished.

Participant answers:

Actually I do not feel depleted. I feel good, well balanced, and soothed. It’s just that I am surprised about feeling the energy in my chakras, like I was the one being worked on, although I do believe that the others also get the energy.

In one instance I was presented with a young child. I couldn’t even tell if it was a girl or boy, but it looked Asian and seemed to be dressed in rags. I saw myself putting my hand over her or his heart and then the other on her/his back. Afterwards I felt the energy in my heart as if I had put it on myself. Later I was presented with a whole family, and again, I seemed to be working on the heart area. Another time when I was working on my daughter (she was having trouble with her college roommate), energy was going to her solar plexus. I did not guide it there, it just went there, and afterwards I felt it in my solar plexus. I know it worked, because she has remained calm after this, even though she had a lot of stress with tests and papers due etc., and when I asked her about her roommate, she was resigned to the situation. She said my perspective had helped her.

Anyway, I was just surprised because I didn’t really consciously direct energy anywhere. I don’t think I’d know how to do it anyway. And this just happened. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing there, as the healing “happens” and I’m there, but I don’t think I have much to do with it, except maybe as you say, I’m some sort of channel?


Channeling the energy is the only way. What you are doing is akin to Reiki. As an incorrigible Empath, I used to take on all my patients ills, physical and emotional, but just for long enough to gather what was troubling them. As soon as that was realized, the “depleted” feeling went away, and there was ample energy to go about counseling them.

Often a mere touch on the forehead was enough to “turn them around”. You are doing what is right, intuitively. Trust the process, because if it weren’t meant to work, they wouldn’t even turn up in the AC. And as you find yourself in a routine, you’ll probably get more and more drastic cases. That’s how it was with me for decades, but often face to face.

There was one of my former business associates, who lost her husband, and responded to the trauma by hemorrhaging for eight weeks straight. She looked a mess! I hardly recognized her! She sat down in the clinic, and I just touched her, and I said, “It’s over.” God knows where that dumb remark came from, but it WAS over, right there, right then, and we knew it.

You’re going great!
God bless… George.

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