Begging to Differ


Mortal free-will franchises are not negotiable
at any time.  So it is said.  One might beg to differ.

Who asked “Mrs. Johnstone’s” freshly-born infant if she
wanted to live, exist, thrive, even before she was born?

Or did Anyone inquire of that cute little girl
when, precisely, she wanted to be born?

Surely, no One did.


In time, she was not yet there to be asked.

In Eternity, and from Their all-foreseeing vantage point,
the existential Creators placed Mrs. Johnstone’s pride and joy—
complete, with mind and personality, Spirit identity and soul,
all of her, including her remaining free-will prerogatives—
precisely where she was needed,
for her to become the very latest scintillating fragment in
the lustrous, but puzzling, experiential mosaic of her time.




George Barnard