Hallowed Ground

By sight and by sound
I know you're around
I see you walking on hallowed ground
Your footsteps make never a sound
As gently you tread
Walking upon a silver thread

Ever so careful not to break
Always you ask before you take
Wishes ever so carefully thought
Into the heavens God has bought
an angel back to sleep

A soul unto light to keep
Never again having to weep
No time clock ticking
Taking away the day
No job nor toil keeping at bay
The joys of nature
so PRECIOUS today

From Linda J., New Zealand.

She writes: Thank you for a wonderful site.  I have been awakened to the consciousness now for about 8 years...channeling art, poetry etc.  The beings with me have been with me since I was a small child.  I now realize, all those imaginary beings were and are real. Please, please keep up the great works.
We know earthlings can survive.
live in light...