I would like to know


. . . if you are setting a place at the dinner table for your very own,
personal Spirit Guide and you are watching the tasty morsels
 disappear into fresh air as he consumes your delicious food,
I would like to know about it.


. . . If your personal Guardian of the Half-way Realm takes over
the chauffeuring when peak-hour traffic gets on your nerves,
tell me about it.  Iíd love to know.


ÖAnd if you are regularly taking a shower with the Seraph,
who has been appointed to the task of monitoring the progress
of your time/space existence,
and you take turns scrubbing each otherís backs,
Iíd like to hear from you as well.


I said I wanted to know about it.

I didnít say I would believe you.


George Barnard