Letter From God

Awaken my son and remember that love is all around you.  I have always been beside you in your journey.  The world is not here only for you.  I have taken you through all of this so that you could understand that what I have prepared for you is greater than anything you can imagine today.

Let me be the one that carries you through this trial. Remember that no matter what you think I have prepared for you, no matter what you think is the road you must take, I will reveal myself to you if only you commit your will to mine.

The time it will take to resolve your dilemma is only an illusion you have created.  The strength and courage you already have is enough to carry you beyond the darkness you see today.  Remember that no matter what you choose, I will stand by you and be with you.  You have already taken the first steps on this journey.

For many years we have been partners.  As have many of my children, you have forgotten some of the lessons I taught you in years gone by, and now I have brought you into the light of my love and my purpose for you once again.

Think of all of the wonders I have shown you.  Remember the love I have for you.  Remember the beauty all around you.  Remember the goodness I have given you.  Keep these things in mind as you pass through the uncertain times that await you.  Give in to the miracles that await you.  Remain secure in the love I have for you.  Keep my love in your heart and bear no ill will to anyone of my children.

I will take care of all of those you love like I always have.  I will hold each of them in my heart.  Rest assured that they are cared for and loved. Keep looking to me for strength for I will always be there for you.  Keep steady on your journey for in each step you take, I will be there.

The moments that pass here today are but glimpses of my light - sparkling diamonds of love given freely to you and all my children.  Your pain is real, but I am always there to comfort you.  You will always be a part of me if you chose love.  You will never be lost if you keep me as your light.  You will never be alone, for wherever you are, I Am.  All of this and even more will be revealed as time passes.  Trust in me and I will guide you forever into my love.

Let me be your eternal guide and I will never let you down.  There is no difficulty except that which you create.  The past can never be changed.  I love you no matter what you have done or where you have been.  As you choose my way, your burden will lighten and you will know peace.  As you seek my will, you can be assured that doubts will fade, for though you know not where I am taking you, remember that my kingdom is within and is eternal.

Will Patrick, December 1998