Will it all make sense?


Even now, opinions remain divided.

Are our universes exploding, moving ever outward into deep space?

Or are we simply confused in our observations and calculations
by the inexplicably diverse movements of millions of galaxies that will all . . .
eventually . . . find their own stable orbit?


Science says maybe.

Faith says they will.

The ultimate proof of a highly organized, friendly, mutually beneficial
‘Alliance of Perfectly Balanced Universes’ may be a billion millennia away.

There surely are some intriguing indications it may come about.


So far, the age-old trajectories of Earth and her sister planets, at least, appear to
happily point at total equilibrium being a major objective of the Great Master’s plan.

How nice to know, reassuring.


But the occasional fragments of a definitive answer will only come
to those who stubbornly keep stubbornly re-asking the questions
in order to discover more about the Spirit Guardians --
the owners of the voices that have guided
so many on this planet.

. . . and for it all to make sense.


George Barnard