Just One Regret...


Had he more quickly realized just who they were,
he would have shown them more respect.


Had he tried harder to fathom their brilliant minds,
he would have taken more of their teachings to heart.


Had he more clearly understood the purpose of their being,
he would have more vigorously tried to assist them.


They were truly honorable; he was sadly prejudiced.

They were exceedingly well informed; he was grossly ignorant.

They were totally indefatigable; he so often, and so quickly, gave up.


Still, for many years there was a strong inter-species alliance between
the Eleven-Eleven of the Half-way Realm, their Seraphic Associates,
and their flesh-and-blood friend, a common mortal.

Much was accomplished, many profited, and,
there’s only one regret...


They could have achieved so much more.



George Barnard