The Lessons of this Life.

Set adrift in heavy seas, as rough and wild they be,
to learn the lessons of this life, the subject that is HE.

Strugglin’ alone, this obstinate wheel, in fierce and bitter gales,
from rocks and shattered hull escape, with ripped and tattered sails.

A prayer to HIM. A glimpse. A furtive glance at charts,
will ease the pain and find ship’s goal, to win. And dull these smarts.

A guiding star I need! A Friend! A lighthouse torch I see!
A haven safe? Regroup? Repair my soul? Accepting me as me?

Re-rigged, refurbished, hull scraped clean, new canvas, sheets and all,
strengthened and encouraged reach ship’s final port of call.


“We thank our beloved Master Michael for allowing us to be a Celestial/Human Alliance in these important years of the Urantia Correcting Times.

“I am Athena, a Celestial Artisan, and my boundless love goes out to my dear human friend of many long years, and to you all.”


George Barnard