Q: What is death like?

A: (S) already has a more open eye, spiritually, to what you call death, but we prefer to think of it as birth. It is not frightening. It is quite spiritually beautiful.

In my opinion as one who has died, it is the spiritual, the culminating event spiritually, of life in the flesh. It is to your lives as a concert is to a song. It is expanding, it is partially morontia, it is the only time mortal eyes - or one of the only times - with few exceptions, the mortal eyes can behold celestial presences, and there is much seraphic help, Thought Adjuster communications, Midwayer manipulation - to allow the fear to be displaced by the love, and joy, and faith recognition of what this experience really is: the birth into the ascendent corps of pilgrims marching ever onward to Paradise. This experience will forever change the mortal being. No longer will surviving be at issue. Now survival depends on action, choices, faith, but not blindness. No question of the body, no animal primitive feelings of holding to a world that is, for the moment, sad and dark.

We rejoice when a being joins us. (12/30/91)

* * *

Q: I've been asked this hundreds of times – is death painful? I always respond that its not, that its just the easing away of life, and that people die in comfort. Are you allowed to answer that question?

A: (S), Death is - should not be painful to the God believer, but is painful in some cases where the Material takes precedence over the spiritual. When the material body is believed to be the definition of life, death is often painful physically and emotionally, for it reflects the inner struggle of the human who is confused about reality. But to the believing soul, to the sure ascender, to the true child of God, death is a celebration and not painful, but a most profound, moving, and beautiful experience as the human vision becomes morontial, and as the spiritual guardians and the celestial beings are for the - most cases - first time visible to the newly emerging morontial child. (05/30/92)


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