S: Rayson, at what stage of advancement or what stage of development in your curriculum is the universe studied from a scientific point of view? Have you reached that stage yet?

R: Yes. You have done this yourself already. Have you not?

S: Well, I thought maybe my amateur astronomy would be very insignificant compared to the knowledge the celestials might have. For example, (S) was asking me yesterday about black holes and whether I thought that you had ever visited a black hole or knew what one was.

R: We do not use such terminology for the phenomenon to which you refer. Remember that your technology, although it is marvellous for what it is, is still quite limited, and most of what is considered knowledge on Urantia is really grand speculation based on very tiny bits of fact.

S: I have assumed from my reading the Urantia Book that black holes are really sites of the Power Directors as they seek to balance the universe, and that they represent the different stages and positions of Power Directors and other celestial beings having to do with the conversion and distribution of power to the local universe.

R: It is true that there are foci which the Physical Controllers and Power Directors arrange in the cosmos, but I cannot affirm or deny that your black holes are these. Is it appropriate for a kindergartner to be given post-doctoral theories?

S: It depends on how much intelligence the kindergartner has.

R: Perhaps a kindergartner is best served by the kindergarten experience of learning to play, socialize, count, control one's physical functions.

S: Or the polliwog.

R: Exactly. Why instruct a polliwog in fly-catching? Or a caterpillar in flight? There is much that could be explained to you in the area that you question, but it may not be very meaningful to you at this point of your experiential progress. This is not meant to be a criticism, but rather to afford you some perspective.

S: I'm just getting a little impatient. I'm a polliwog, and I want to learn how to eat flies.

R: Do not be so impatient, little polliwog, that you fling yourself out of the water that you require to sustain your life.

S: Good advice.

R: One step after another, and each step to be closely monitored, gauged for its appropriateness. You are doing what you should be doing right now, and you are struggling, as we all struggle with the constraints and difficulties of the material condition. But as difficult as this may be for you to understand now, these most fundamental lessons that you master now will be crucial to your progress when you journey beyond Paradise. Have you not found it to be so even now?

S: Certainly, they are useful to me now.

R: That your normal life experiences have been continual sources of information in later, more complex activities? (Yes.) So have faith. What would a polliwog do on a jet plane?

S: Expire.

R: Well, this polliwog would probably want to be the pilot. How would you like to be his passenger? Fasten your seat belt. A true case of auto pilot.

S: Well, we certainly can't go through this life in auto pilot, can we, Rayson?

R: No, well, you could try, but you would not get very far.

S: Before you crashed.

R: Yes, you would be as if you had never been. What excuse would there be for you in the cosmos?

S: None, really.

R: No. And you would have increasing potential for damage. Are there further musings or questions? Then we shall conclude this lesson? (12/04/93)

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